A whiplash injury is one of the notable personal injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident especially whenever the victim’s automobile is hit from behind. In a whiplash personal injury, the head is abruptly thrust backward and then forward such that it overextends the normal range of the neck’s motion. Usually, victims of car collisions report some serious neck pain a few days after the accident. That pain is because of a whiplash injury. A whiplash injury does not really materialize instantly after an accident. In some cases the pain might not occur until after a week or even more. This is the reason why it is vital to seek out medical checkup from a chiropractor, even when you are not experiencing any pain or visible injuries. A whiplash injury could range from mild to extreme. If you have indeed been in a vehicle accident, you really should look for the following caution signs of a whiplash injury.

Stiff Neck and Neck Pain

After the impact of the auto collision, your physical body unleashes a chemical referred to as endorphins which in turn increase your heart rate and also allows you to process the crash and the damages caused. Once the immediate stress of the accident dissipates among the most common sign that suggests a whiplash injury is generally a stiff neck or neck pains. Your muscles tighten up so as to safeguard the injury. The majority of people complain of stiffness as well as pain on the upper back along with shoulders as well.


Lots of folks complain of headaches right after automotive incidents. These kinds of headaches typically clear on their own but at times they can persist. Many of the headaches that come cause by a whiplash injury will commence at the base of your skull and shoot the pain up to the back of your head or maybe towards the ears. Additional symptoms that might come with the head are ringing ears and even depression. A headache caused by a whiplash may manifest itself both as a dull headache or a sharp pain.

Blurred Vision and Dizziness

The other typical indicator of a whiplash injury is actually dizziness which is usually brought on by nerve damage to the neck. Much of the sufferers who complain of dizziness right after an automobile crash explain that they feel like the room is actually spinning. If left neglected, this particular dizziness can easily last a couple of minutes to several days after the collision.

Sleeping Problems

After an automobile collision, once you settle down to get some rest and also sleep, the stiffness as well as the pain in your neck can easily make things very difficult for you to sleep.

Extreme Fatigue or Sleepiness

Within stressful situations, your adrenal glands produce cortozol which provides you the boost of energy you will need to help make prompt decisions and remain alert simultaneously. However, the moment you return to a safe place, your muscles will need to reenergize and relax. If you have sustained an injury, your physical body will certainly need to utilize the little bit of energy left in order to start the recovery process. This process can easily leave you feeling tremendously drowsy or perhaps weary.

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Injuries

More traditional medical care relies upon medicine to relieve the victim’s pain after a vehicle accident injury. While the pain pills are effective within giving quick relief to the pain, they can definitely not manage the pain in the long run. Moreover, medication on its own can not assist the patients in recovering their range of motion after a spine injury. Chiropractic care for car accident injuries will assist a great deal.

Grosse Pointe Chiropractors manage pain pertaining to any misalignment of the spine, making chiropractic care the greatest application for whiplash injuries resulting from automobile crashes. Using a variety of hands-on treatment modalities, a chiropractic practitioner is going to help reposition your vertebrae and the disks that had bulged out of their normal positions. By realigning your spine, the pain as well as other visible symptoms will soon get alleviated.
It is important to seek the attention from a chiropractic practitioner at once after a motor vehicle crash. Most often, you won’t feel the total extent of the injuries immediately after the collision, nevertheless chiropractic specialists will use their diagnostic devices to fully assess your situation. Even if your pain is not serious, the injury could be considerable, and its symptoms might just worsen with time.

Chiropractic care not only expedites healing from injuries, but it in addition enhances the quality of life for much of the people dealing with chronic pain. In cases wherein the injuries are not actually treated in time, the victims tend to develop long lasting health conditions that often lead to chronic pain. Through chiropractic care, the majority of the chronic pains can be definitely alleviated in time.