Of course, everyone knows that Macomb County chiropractic care may greatly improve posture, and most people may be knowledgeable that regular therapy minimizes migraines and strengthens circulation, but can it help with your golf game?

Doctors of Chiropractic are experienceded with the entire neuro-musculoskeletal system, meaning they can pinpoint places where you are putting too much stress or tension. Reducing that tension, and likewise strengthening your overall health, might take a few strokes off your game.

Your lower back handle a considerable amount of stress trying to manage the torque of an average swing. This single place can affect a number of other places of your body, but those places might be similarly affected on their own by your practiced swing.

Pain and general stiffness can bring about limited range of motion in your shoulders, hips, and knees. If any of these places are in less than good health, you will not only have to manage a general physical wellness issue, but it will likely hamper your swing – and your score. Treatment can bring your back into alignment, and the rest of your body with it.

You could also benefit from greatly improved circulation, healthy nerve communication and better blood flow to vital systems. When your body moves without limitation or pain, you can work on your form and put your mind back on your game.

If your golf partner or instructor has ever told you that your rotation is off, or that you aren’t getting full movement from your shoulders, you (and your game) could be suffering from a misalignment. Injuries are commonly sustained through sudden torsional forces, repetitive traumas over extended periods, poor swing mechanics, and bad posture.

While your chiropractor might not be able to help with your swing specifically, they can improve the rest of your physical, skeletal and muscular wellness, which will give you the strength and energy to continue perfecting your game.

Does your swing involve minimal pelvic rotation, but maximum spinal rotation? When shortening your backswing to lower spinal rotation, studies have concluded that hitting distance and accuracy are not affected. What is happening when you maximize your backswing is that you are creating significant torsional forces that could cause injuries throughout your spinal system. Injuries that did not necessarily have to occur, and most likely did not lower your score at all.

What can you do to improve your game and your overall wellness?

– Practice a shorter backswing.
– Warm up and stretch properly before each round and every practice.
– Consider working spinal stabilization exercises into your regular routine.
– Consult a chiropractor.

How will a chiropractor help?

– Improved physical wellness.
– Decreased fatigue and overall tension.
– Greatly improved hip flexibility, which increases swing power and accuracy.
– Better flexibility increases overall power – which increases driving distance.
– Reduced chance of traumatic injury.

So if you’ve tried all the proven techniques and are finding you still haven’t gotten that record drive you know you are capable of, maybe your secret weapon isn’t your golf pro – it may be your Grosse Pointe Chiropractor!